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This game is very good and strange, in the style of pilotredsun


please add some functional means to skip the cutscenes (after 30 retarts they are  just a nuisance)

and perhaps some checkpoints.


$21 worth it


the guy with the cigar in the party room is voiced by sweeneezy no doubt. i speed runned this game too.




this is actually the best game I have ever played in my life

please take all of my money because the game left me in tears like no other piece of art has before

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Don't bother, even if you like some of the artists like PilotRedSun. Bad design, bad voice-overs, bad gameplay, just bad. I know it's free, but still. You will get zero enjoyment out of this except a slight chuckle at how awful that Cats In The Cradle parody song was.

Come on, guys who made this. If this whole thing was one big joke between all of you, nobody else is laughing. I'm a big fan of PilotRedSun, but now I'm questioning him/her, because what person with actual talent puts there name on this pile of garbage.

Get it for the OST if you really want to, otherwise stay FAAAR AWAY.

Deleted 15 days ago

shut the f up this game is fun to speed run and overall just funny. the only reason you dislike it is cuz your too dumb to understand how to beat the game


i dont get this part witht he old lady talking cx is there anything i am supposed to do? ive been waiting for 20 minutes. i feel stupid cx


yal deserve a phat wad of cca$h. ok !